Hunting & Fishing

This territory is now renowned for its abundant fish and game. In fact, more than two thousand sportsmen come on a yearly basis and frequently return proudly from the woods with a good catch.

Either wild or sown lakes are full of these fishes: farmed trout, wild trout, Northen pike and Walleye. The lakes are rather small, which allows easy locating of fish pits, and minimizes the risks of hazards in case of any misadventure.

In addition, the land bristles with game: small game, bear, and moose. LE ROCHU Outfitter is classified as one of the finest moose hunting territories in the area. All portages are short and all sites are easily accessible. Bear hunting has been fruitful since its establishment on our territory. We also practice bow hunting.

Other activities

Many other recreative activities are available on the site to make your visit and that of your family enjoyable. Over 30 kilometres of hiking paths wander through the forest, crossing many small streams with plenty of small trouts.Those who are interested in hiking, picking blueberries, swimming in clear water, floating slide, pedal boating, kayak, canoeing, climbing, mountain biking, etc. will be pleased. Sandy beaches and swings to satisfy the small children. We are located around 140km of St-Felicien Zoo.

Route 155, 40KM North of La Tuque
Telephone: 1-800-463-4372